Preparing my graduation show at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Here is a glimpse of my video installation for the graduation show in two weeks. The video was taken during countless train trips between Berlin and Amsterdam from 2009 till 2013. Their is no choice for me in showing something else on this occasion! More to come!

Awards, awards, awards!

We are happy to hear so many shows appreciated our brand relaunch for our bavarian client systemform. Our last trophy was a "Bronce Nail" in the section "Corporate Design" at the ADC Germany and has it's laudable place in our cutlery trail. systemform prints forms since the sixties. Boring? Not if you choose the right perception and place. Nicely located in front of the alps and on the shores of the lake Chiemsee they do their job with grace and perfection. It is so nice to look back at the very beginning of this exceptional company and to see history and presence connecting again. That's why I want to share some never "internet published" pictures from the very beginning of systemform. Thank you Anje for your graphic design and thank you Tobias for being this kind of client. A pleasure to work with you!

It was a mailing, now it's in a museum …

It is christmas time and all the clients money for nice clients gifts is already donated to a more than honerable & charitable trust… actually like every year. So for its clients systemform had to handicraft a little bit this time. The idea was to make a nice calendar based on a very ordinary systemform product: a continuos form. After winning the International Gregor Award 2013 it is now even part of the collection of the German Calendar Museum. Wow! We did not even now it existed. Thank you.

News: News!

This section will be filled with stuff around me and my work. Working as freelance copywriter for clients and agencies. I also started studying Fine Arts and Instable Media / Interaction Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2009. Fair to predict there will some tensions coming up. Happy New Year!