Booking a hotel on just one page.

Please check out our last exhibition booth for HotelNetSolutions an their great booking engine OnePageBooking. Finally I added some stop motion animation we made some time ago.

Die Kunst ist zurück und gewinnt Bronze.

Happy to hear Hamburger Kunsthalle got another award. Here is more.

Campaign jumps on a train. Ups.
Art for art is ad enough.

Hamburger Kunsthalle reopened again. Paintings flooding the city. Unexcpected encounters. Everywhere. On the way to work. While waiting for a bus. Running. Looking for a parking lot. For weeks Hamburg and Hamburger Kunsthalle were one. (Photo: Hamburger Kunsthalle)

Messe Frankfurt got a new campaign!

Heine/Lenz/Zizka invited me to come up with a global headline campaign for Messe Frankfurt. It's everywhere now, especially next to escalators. 

Some new Animations for HotelNetSolutions!

Made with love in Amsterdam by Studio Pupil. Watch them here.

Strategy and winning the pitch for Lantal Textiles AG

Lantal Textiles is the world leader in production, distribution of textiles and services for the international community of aircraft, bus, and railway operators as well as for executive jets and superyachts. Thank you Heine/Lenz/Zizka for inviting me to come up with a brand strategy.

Berlin exhibition booth for OnePageBooking

ITB Berlin is calling and thousends of travel professionals rush to Berlin. And not for holidays. Check out our our neat proposal for ITB Berlin 2016.

Science has no closing time.

The Deutsches Museum reinvents itself. But due the modernization process the museum partly closes. How to do this without losing to much visitors? Heine/Lenz/Zizka asked me to do the communication strategy. Update: Pitch won!!!!!

New calendar for systemform!

It's almost tradition: every year systemform produces a new calendar for their clients. As a printer of forms looking at paper is not enough - people have to act and fill out. Let's start, dot by dot. Happy New Year.